Bespoke Commissions


Yugen a moving-image artwork by Martha Fiennes.

 In this groundbreaking work, Fiennes explores the boundaries of a radical new medium to create a visual and meditative exploration into perceptions of reality. In a pioneering union between actor and director in an artwork, the actor Salma Hayek Pinault is Fiennes’ muse and it is her character who dominates the screen as a leading visual presence.

Muggleston and Fiennes combine intricately coded algorithms to create majestic moving images that perpetually self- generate in a continuous and unpredictable cycle.

Yugen premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2018

Deborah Brand worked with Andy Blake, Martha Fiennes and Salma Hayek to design the red empress gown subsequently created all the corsets for the film.

The bespoke gown corset was made to Salma's measurements and took 3 fittings and 200 hours to perfect. Saira Jamieson was commissioned to do the gold symbolism which features heavily on the train of the Empress gown. 

Yugen "a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe ... and the sad beauty of human suffering".


Hen Kidston

This beautiful gown was created for Hen Kidston Indian summer ball. By far the most beautiful work I’ve ever created.

For this commission we used nearly 6,000 feathers which were all painstakingly hand sewn and took over 500 hours to make.

 The studio was a sea of feathers. The peacock train consisted of 350 hand sewn feathers and all feathers were gathered ethically from shedding. 

 Kim Kardashian Vogue

Deborah Brand was commissioned in June 2016 to make 4 corsets for Kim Kardashian (seen here) for Australian Vogue. All the corsets were made to Kim Kardshian's measurements and were the sent to NYC for the shoot.


Lady Tania Astor and Alex Howard's Wedding at Hever Castle 

In April 2012 Lord Astor's second daughter Tania Astor married Alex Howard at Hever Castle and I was honoured to be asked to design the wedding dress. Initially she relayed to me that she had no idea what kind of dress she wanted, but it with a little look through her wardrobe, it became clear to me that she knew exactly what she wanted and had a beautifully unique style. In her reception room hung a wonderful painting of her grandmother ( or great grandmother) in a stunning red dress. Together we realised that the neckline was very similar to the neckline we were going for so in a nod to Lady Astor we paid homage to that painting and this photograph shows the final result. Tania was an absolute pleasure to work with and I was very humbled to see how beautiful she looked on the day. 


Thandie Newton Kay Montano Collaboration

 Designed in collaboration with Thandie Newton and Kay Montano, this piece is made from original African printed cloth sourced by Thandie in Zimbabwe. This cap sleeve fitted dress comes complete with an invisible interior corset.

The original corseted dress was auctioned to raise funds to build a new health care centre for the Malaika School in the Democratic Republic of Congo of which Thandie and Kay are benefactors.


Joy and Lee's wedding at the Roof Garden 1996 

Joy was 7 months pregnant with her first child Skye when she got married. 18 years after the wedding Skye modelled for us for the second time.

This was the first wedding dress I ever designed using twenty metres of mousseline silk. What a wonderful day and a wonderful memory. Thank you Alex Parker for sharing this video with us. If you look closely, you might see me with the bride. The bra cupped empire line bridal gown was made with 6ft train is made using 40 metres of the finest silk mousseline.