Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100
Mila Corset Deposit £100

Mila Corset Deposit £100

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Made for everyone from Salma Hayek to Kim Kardashian, the Mila corset is the ultimate in corset luxury. Elegant and contemporary in design, surprisingly comfortable to wear and effortlessly simple to glide into and then out of. This corset can be worn under and over clothing, it will correct your posture and give you an enviable hour glass silhouette.

Your size is your waist measurement less 3 inches.
If ordering as a gift, small is 24 and normal is 28. 

Size Chart 

Size Under Bust Waist High Hip (5in from waist)
20 24 20 30
22 26 22 32
24 28 24 34
26 30 26 36
28 32 28 38
30 34 30 40


Our ready to wear corsets are constructed as a set size from your waist measurement and shrink your waist by up to 5 inches. Every corset contains over 100 components.

Only the highest quality French Duchess Satin is used for lining the corsets. Corsets are built using the strongest and most beautiful fabrics for ultimate luxury and reliability.

Every corset receives its steel eyelets from a master artisan craftsman ensuring top quality strength.

5 Meter laces are ready made so you can dress without the help of another. Swiss engineered bra cups with molded under wires have specialty push-up cups.

Our corsets contain 45 bones in a mixture of steel and hand folded polymer and are placed strategically in the corset for maximum shape and comfort.

10 stitches per inch ensure the strength required to withstand strain and wear. 


All corsets are made to order and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to deliver.
We deliver worldwide.


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“There’s a whole other world of corsets out there, the real McCoy, designed not as a flourish but to re-draw your lines. The London-based Deborah Brand makes stupendous corsets that will shrink your waist by up to five inches. With more than 100 components including 45 steels and polymer bones, a duchesse satin lining and five metres-yes, five metres-of lacing, these are objects of beauty and seemingly of another age.”

Anna Murphy, Fashion Director, The Times 

"It's rare that anything is ever 100% Ace.  There always seems to be something - some little thing - with Deborahs work every thing - every little thing - perhaps especially the little things - the details, are all in the realm of perfection"

Harland Miller, Artist