The Mila Ready-to-wear Corset

Deborah Brand has been designing bespoke corsets for almost 30 years for private clients and celebrities, her name has become synonymous with all things corsetry and quality craftsmanship having designed this corset for the likes of Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian.

Deborah wants to bring the magic of corsetry to a wider audience so that everyone can enjoy, appreciate and benefit from the joys of wearing a corset and how it makes you feel.


Her mission is to make all women look and feel the very best versions of themselves; the newly launched the Mila ready-to-wear corset embodies all of the finest aspects of her 30 years of experience and knowledge in one beautifully designed garment, that can be worn under clothing to enhance the silhouette or on top as a both a shaper and definer.

Deborah has taken time to create a corset that is elegant, contemporary in design, comfortable to wear, and effortlessly simple to glide in and out of.  The uncomfortable stigma of the Victorian corset is a thing of the past, as Deborah is passionate about bringing a garment that comes with such history and stories in to modern dress as a way, to give women confidence without feeling that they are suffering and paying the price in doing so.

Deborah acknowledges that there are many admirers of her work that have maybe in the past not felt the bespoke service quite suited their needs and budget. Mila was designed for all of those that are now able to access her beautiful work.


The corset not only synchs in your waste it completely changes your silhouette.

It doesn’t tighten around your rib cage and restrict breathing, it nips in around the soft part of the tummy, and no the flesh does not spill over the top it gently glides over the waste. You can still eat, breathe, move, sit and go about your day to day. We even have many customers that wear it every day because they love how it feels so much!


There is no less workmanship in the corset, there are over 100 components that go to make up the corset. Including over 45 steel and polymer bones in each corset. The reason that we can now make this work of art for such great value is that we have spent time trying and testing to create a shape that we know suits every figure and size, so we sell the corset based on measurements rather than fitting you individually. So, we know that you can get the perfect fit without out needing a full fitting to do so.

“There’s a whole other world of corsets out there, the real McCoy, designed not as a flourish but to re-draw your lines. The London-based Deborah Brand makes stupendous corsets that will shrink your waist by up to five inches. With more than 100 components including 45 steels and polymer bones, a duchesse satin lining and five metres-yes, five metres-of lacing, these are objects of beauty and seemingly of another age.”

Anna Murphy, Fashion Director, The Times 

"It's rare that anything is ever 100% Ace.  There always seems to be something - some little thing - with Deborahs work every thing - every little thing - perhaps especially the little things - the details, are all in the realm of perfection"

Harland Miller, Artist